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Brittany Murphy’s Sister Pia Bertolotti’s Career And Whereabouts

Pia Bertolotti is the half-sister of the late American actress and singer Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack. Unfortunately, Brittany passed away in 2009. Unlike her later sister, Pia is not into music and keeps herself away from the limelight.

Keep reading to learn more about Pia, including her personal life and relationship with the deceased celebrity.

Pia Bertolotti Has Experience In Faith-Based Institutions

Brittany’s sister is a very successful woman in her own right. She has performed a wide variety of roles for different companies throughout her career. Furthermore, she is a Christian and maintains utmost faith in Jesus. Her Facebook bio also includes “Love Jesus + Love People. Everything else is Secondary.”

Pia’s sister’s death deeply impacted her. That probably prompted her to at least contribute in some way to the well-being of the community. Primarily, she was the

Pia Bertolotti, Brittany Murphy's sister on the right with her daughter.
Pia (R) has worked a wide variety of jobs.

Additionally, she has been serving as the executive director of The Morning Center since February 2022. The center aims to provide comprehensive prenatal care to the people in the urban and underserved areas.

Moreover, Pia Bertolotti is also the founder of Herbal Alchemy, a herbal cosmetic company. The business mainly sells vibrational botanicals. In addition, she was also the former chief builder of The Her Effect, a website designed to help mainly women attain a life of purpose, impact, leadership, and legacy through their courses.

Beside these roles, she also served for the following companies:

Role  Company Duration
National Director Of Mobilization Feb 2017 – Feb 2022 
Communicator/Team Builder LifeVantage Corporation Sep 2016 – Oct 2019
Regional Rep Director/Prayer Mobilizer for: Together 2016 PULSE Outreach Jan 2016 – Aug 2016
Affiliate Broker Apr 2000 – Jan 2016

Pia Bertolotti Has Been Married To Her Husband Since 2008

The prospering entrepreneur is enjoying a blissful marital life with her husband. She has been wedded to her long-time spouse, Jason Reynolds, since November 1, 2008. The two are a match made in heaven; their bond has lasted the test of time. The couple does intend to stick by the vow “Till death do us part.”

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Pia posts a lot about her partner and does not forget to wish her significant other a happy anniversary. According to her, Jason is the half that makes her whole; he is her partner in crime, her best friend, her co-pilot, and most importantly, the father to her children.

Pia’s Spouse Is From Arkansas

Well, Jason specializes in accounting. He has been an account manager at Conservation Services Group since July 16, 2011. Previously, he was a customer service representative at Hertz. Jason hails from Jonesboro, Arkansas, but lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi, with his wife.

His mother, Gay Reynolds, has been married to his father since since September 5, 1966. He also has two sisters: Jaclyn Nicholson Montoria and Terri Reynolds Jackson.

Pia Is A Mother Of Four

From their marriage that has spanned a decade, the wonderful couple has four children. Pia has given birth to twins Luke and Lila and two daughters, Karli Chase and Mali Marola

Pia with her children
Pia and Jason have three daughters and a son.

Two of her daughters, Karli and Mali, have already graduated from high school. Mali even passed with an outstanding CGPA and was awarded Graduate of Distinction in 2019. 

As for Karli, she completed her studies in America and now attends ministry school in Germany. It looks like she also has a boyfriend whom the family adores. And for the twins, they are still teenagers and attend high school in Olive Branch.

Lost Her Father In 2019

22 January 2019 was a sad day for Pia as Angelo Joseph “AJ” Bertolotti, her father, passed away in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 92. He died with her by his side to the tune of Frank Sinatra playing in his ears.

Britanny’s old man was a Second World War combat veteran and received a burial with military honors. His memorial took place in Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California. Pia also started a GoFundMe to pay for the funeral.

Angelo’s death came nine years after his daughter’s death. His baby girl, whom he had with Sharon Murphy, died on December 20, 2009. Brittany’s death was said to be caused as a result of anemia, pneumonia, and multiple drug intoxication, according to the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office.

However, Angelo filed a lawsuit against the office, disputing the coroner’s ruling and seeking further toxicology testing. The lawsuit didn’t go anywhere.

Pia’s Biological Aunt Claimed Her As Her Daughter

Pia was born on October 5, 1980, to father Angelo and his partner at that time. Not many know this, but she was actually raised by her biological aunt, Jackie Duval. Apparently, Jackie claimed Pia as her “daughter” back in 1993 and took care of her.

Alongside many, Pia is thankful for her guardian. On Mother’s Day 2020, she thanked her aunt for everything she had done for her and taught her throughout the years. 

While there is not much about Pia’s biological mother, she revealed in March 2017 that her mom had a 70% blockage in her carotid artery. 

Pia Bertolotti Still Misses Her Late Sibling Brittany

Murphy and Pia didn’t grow up together as the late actress lived with her mother and the younger sister with her father. They didn’t contact each other for six years during their childhood. However, they would reconcile when Murphy was 19 and Pia was 16.

The younger sister was left devastated after her death. That was in part due to the short amount of time they got to spend together. Pia mentioned in a heartfelt post that she absolutely regretted not getting into singing earlier because she would have loved to share the experience with her late sister.

Pia Bertolotti's sister, Brittany Murphy is no more
Pia deeply misses her older sister

Following her demise, Pia also noted that Brittany was “afraid of death” and had anxiety attacks since a young age. She discredited the notion that her older sibling had died due to abused medications or had an eating disorder. The mother of four recounted instances from their time together and said,

She had a fear of having heart issues when she was younger. We talked about it. It was a general fear of death. She was super careful about how she took care of herself.

All in all, she denied her sister taking drugs.

Alongside The Late Brittany, Pia Bertolotti Has Two Brothers

Well, Brittany was not the only sibling that Pia had. In fact, the two sisters also had two big brothers: Jeff and Tony Bertolotti

Once, Jeff posted Brittany’s cover of Somebody to Love for the Happy Feet movie back in 2012 with the following caption:

The Bertolotti woman are very beautiful as I said…

Alongside, Tony also held his sisters in high regard. But, he believed that Brittany was murdered. He elaborated that she couldn’t have died of those causes since she was home with her husband and mother, and the hospital was just 4 miles away.

Tony was baffled that nobody even thought of taking her to the clinic. The fact that Sharon, Brittany’s mother, never picked up the phone from other family members also bolstered his theory. He assumed that there was a coup behind this, and only Sharon, along with Brittany’s agents, knew.