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Kate Connelly’s Life After Divorce From Her Ex-Husband

Among the women Bobby Flay married, Kate Connelly is as multifaceted as him. She is a 58-year-old former TV personality who worked at Television Food Network. She is Bobby’s second wife and journalist Sophie Flay‘s mother.

Although she is mostly known for being in a relationship with Bobby, she has also done fairly well for herself in her career. Find out all the details about her personal and professional life in the article below.

Kate Connelly Had a Very Christian Upbringing

Connelly was born on January 21, 1966, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Sources claim she is the daughter of a journalist father while her mother stayed at home taking care of her.

She grew up in a Christian household. While she joined a local institution in Minneapolis for her earlier education, she even went to a Catholic school for her high school education.

Connelly attended the prestigious Catholic School, St. Michael’s College, where she got her bachelor’s degree in journalism. During her time at college, she also went on to learn more aspects of media, news reporting, and storytelling techniques.

Kate Connelly’s Career Ventures Before Bobby Flay

Connelly is a woman of many talents and has dabbled in many different endeavors throughout her life. She wanted to become a fashion model during her childhood.

While the explicit details of her modeling career are unavailable, she is said to have fulfilled her dreams by modeling for some Minneapolis-based fashion brands. She was also involved in the beauty pageantry industry.

Soon after, Connelly left the modeling gig and put her journalism degree to good use when she started working as a co-host for the food show, Robin Leach Talking Food. Her vibrant and cheerful personality meant that she was a fan favorite.

Connelly also had a passion for cooking, and that further pushed her status as a celebrity chef on Robin Leach’s show. The Television program soon became a venue for her to meet her soon-to-be husband, Bobby Flay.

Connelly Already had a child before her marriage to Bobby Flay

Even before she got married to Bobby, Kate already had a son named Jonathan. However, Kate has yet to reveal any information regarding the father of the boy and when she conceived him.

Kate Connelly with her children
Connelly with her children; Right(Sophie), Left(probably Jonathan).

Flay would later go on to address that he was initially scared but was excited to become a stepfather to Jonathan.

Kate and Bobby’s fateful Meeting

Connelly and Flay first met on an episode of the popular food show, Robin Leach Talking Food in 1994. At the time, they were dealing with their own problems. Kate was a single mother, juggling her professional and personal life, while Flay was recently divorced from his first wife, Debra Ponzek, and living alone in his apartment.

It was love at first sight with the two lovebirds as they were fascinated by each other. They had an instant appreciation of each other’s personality and life. Robin Leach, Kate’s co-host, even warned her from dating Bobby Flay, but his warning was not received.

They soon went on a date with each other at the Monkey Bar restaurant. Connelly would recall her first date with him as the most fun time she had on a date ever.

The Ex-Duo Married After Dating for a While

After going on many more dates together, Flay finally put a ring on her as they got engaged at the River Cafe. They finally got married on October 1, 1995, with the reception held at Flay’s Bolo Bar and Restaurant in New York.

The wedding was officiated by the dean of City University Law School in Queens, Kristin Booth Glen. Celebrity chefs Mario Batali and Tom Valenti were among the 90 or so guests and A-list celebrities who attended.

Connelly and Flay Separated Two Years After Their Daughter Sophie’s Birth

Their relationship was going smoothly for the first two years of their marriage. Kate also gave birth to their daughter, Sophie Flay, on April 16, 1996. Flay was also Connelly’s partner in crime when they opened some restaurants together in New York.

Nonetheless, things took a shocking turn though, as they announced their split three years after their marriage in 1998. To date, they haven’t revealed the reasons for their sudden separation and eventual divorce. Sources are quick to point at Flay as his previous marriage with Debra Ponzek also didn’t last long.

Following the divorce, the former flames shared joint custody of their daughter. Besides, after their split, Flay married Stephanie March.

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Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay Are on Good Terms

Despite their split many years ago, Kate and Bobby are still on good terms, as evidenced by them being pictured with Sophie during her graduation from the University of South California.


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Her Relationship with Her Daughter Sophie Flay

The mother and daughter duo share a loving relationship, as seen through Sophie’s numerous posts with her. Sophie really adores her mother and is quick to heap praises on her at any opportunity she gets.

In a Twitter post, she reposted:

In addition, Sophie also did not see her mother for a while because of the pandemic. And when Kate got vaccinated, the reporter shared the news on X, stating her excitement.

FYI, his daughter Flay is a community journalist for ABC7, where she majorly covers stories in Silver Lake. She has been with the network since 2019.

How Much is Connelly’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Bobby Flay, boasts a total net worth of $60 million. She might have also received a certain amount of alimony as part of her divorce settlement with Flay.

Where Is Kate Connelly Now?

She currently lives in California. Talking about her social media activeness, she has two Instagram accounts under the usernames “k8rdx” and “k8cf,” which are both private.