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Arden Cho: Insights on Her Parents, Ethnicity, and Net Worth

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Arden Cho is a famous actress and model with a fascinating background. She was born to Korean American parents, and her family’s story is a big part of who she is. People love to know more about where she comes from and about her family. Arden’s journey to becoming a star has been supported by her parents every step of the way.

Fans are also curious about how much money she has made from acting and modeling. In simple terms, Arden Cho’s net worth shows how successful she has become. Let’s take a closer look at Arden Cho’s family, where she comes from, and how much she has earned.

Arden Cho’s Parents Come are First Generational Korean

Her parents are first-generation Koreans who moved to the United States in the 80s. Her dad, a martial arts grandmaster, and her mom, who worked several odd jobs, taught Arden the importance of hard work from a young age.

They were determined to give their children the best education possible. Thanks to their dedication, Arden went to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, aiming to become a lawyer. Their story is a testament to the values of perseverance and education, showing how Arden’s success is deeply rooted in her family’s support and teachings.

A young photo of Arden Cho with her parents
Arden with her dad, mom, and brother.

Cho’s Parents Raised and Her Brother In Texas

Arden has a close-knit relationship with her brother, Jason Cho, born on October 16. Growing up together in Texas, they formed a bond that has remained strong over the years. To this day, Arden

Jason, initially following a path in bio & pre-med, made a significant career shift to pursue his passion in the entertainment industry, much like Arden. He studied film and screenwriting, eventually making his writing debut on NBC’s Chicago Med.


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Their parents, immigrants who worked hard to provide a well-to-do environment, played a crucial role in Arden and Jason’s upbringing. They instilled in them the value of hard work and the importance of education, supporting their decisions to enter the competitive entertainment industry without a backup plan.

Arden Cho with her brother
Arden’s brother works behind the screen.

Besides his work in entertainment, Jason has a profound interest in animals, particularly sea habitats. His Instagram account showcases his explorations of various lakes and oceans around the world, reflecting his adventurous spirit. He also has a pet corgi, which adds to his love for animals. This passion for nature and exploration is another aspect of Jason’s life that Arden admires, showcasing the diverse interests that enrich their lives.

Arden Cho: Triumph Over Bullying and Embracing Her Ethnicity

Cho, who previously dated YouTuber Ryan Higa, belongs to the Korean ethnicity. Sadly. Cho faced tough times as a kid because of bullying related to her race. Growing up, she often felt like an outsider, being the only non-white student in her classes in Texas and Minnesota. This led to multiple hospitalizations due to injuries from being bullied. At 11 years old, she was attacked so badly that she ended up in the hospital for a month, losing teeth and suffering serious injuries to her face.

Afterward, Arden learned that her parents felt guilty for not being able to protect her more during those times. They were scared, too, struggling with the challenges of being in a new country and speaking a second language. They wanted to move past the incident, hoping to avoid the pain of reliving it through court proceedings.

Despite these hardships, Arden didn’t let her past define her future. She went on to become a poster girl for Clinique in Asia. Arden’s journey from being bullied to becoming Miss Korea Chicago 2004 shows her resilience. She faced pressure to conform to beauty standards in Asia but chose not to undergo plastic surgery.

Arden with her mother
Her parents helped her become who she is today.

Instead, she found purpose in working with young women in teen centers and youth programs abroad, sharing her experiences and encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness.

Her Net Worth

Arden Cho has built an impressive net worth of $10 million, thanks to her hard work and talent in acting, singing, modeling, and YouTube. Firstly, her diverse skills have opened many doors in the entertainment industry, leading to her financial success. Additionally, Cho actively takes on roles in TV shows and movies, earning recognition and money.

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Moreover, she also sings and models, drawing in more deals and partnerships that boost her income. On YouTube, she connects directly with fans, earning from ads and sponsored content. Consequently, Cho’s journey shows how actively engaging in various projects and leveraging her popularity can lead to a significant increase in net worth.

Year Net Worth
2021 $2 million
2022 $2.7 million
2023 $3 million

Additionally, Arden Cho lives a lifestyle many dreams of, filled with luxury and travel. Her Instagram is a testament to her glamorous life, showcasing her visits to numerous foreign nations. Whether she’s soaking up the sun on exotic beaches or exploring the vibrant streets of bustling cities, Arden’s adventures are nothing short of enviable.

Her taste in fashion is equally luxurious, often seen wearing high-end brands that complement her style perfectly. From elegant gowns at red-carpet events to chic outfits for casual outings, Arden’s wardrobe choices reflect her love for luxury.