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Who Is Angela Zhou’s Boyfriend? Full Bio

Angela Zhou, a New Zealander with Chinese roots, grew up in Auckland. She’s gained recognition for her roles in various movies and TV series. Well, with fame comes speculation, and fans have been curious if Angela has a boyfriend.

Rumors have circulated about her possibly being in a relationship. In this article, learn more about her love life. Also, look into the details about her family and career.

Does Angela Zhou Have A Boyfriend?

Angela’s social media profiles suggest she’s not in a relationship. However, in a 2015 interview, she mentioned having a boyfriend. During that time, she shared how stress was causing breakouts on her face, which she discussed only with her parents and partner as she found comfort in them.

Angela Zhou doesn't have a boyfriend
Angela is currently single.

She Was Rumored To Have Dated Her Co-stars

Zhou and a fellow Asian actor, Lewis Tan, are often seen together in photos shared on their social media accounts. Moreover, fans have noticed their close bond and chemistry, leading to the speculation of them dating. However, when asked directly if they were a couple, she clarified that they were just friends.

Furthermore, the beautiful actress was also speculated to be dating her co-star Anson Mount. People might have got the wrong idea as she described how comfortable she felt being around him and talking to him.

Angela Zhou and Anson Mount were rumored to be dating
Angela and Anson kissing during one of their scenes.

Additionally, she has even thanked him for making her job easier. Nonetheless, they are just friends, and it was their on-screen chemistry that made fans gossip about their relationship.

Angela Zhou Is Close With Her Mother

Zhou was born on September 23, 1991, in Guangzhou but was raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Her mother is Mandarin, and her father is Cantonese.

Angela’s mom was unlike many typical Asian parents. She supported her daughter by allowing her to quit activities like piano, art, and ballet. Instead of focusing on strict rules, her mom prioritized Angela’s health, forbidding her from drinking iced water and eating ice cream.

Angela Zhou was inspired by her mother
Angela wishes her mom on Mother’s Day every year.

Moreover, Angela’s old woman emphasized the importance of independence. When the movie star asked for a puppy, her mother challenged her to earn money and buy it herself. This approach motivated Angela and inspired her to work hard.

Furthermore, she set an example of strength, love, and intelligence, and focusing on inner growth rather than outer appearances. Nonetheless, Angela learned valuable lessons from her mama, which contributed to her success.

Angela Was The Recipient Of The Robertson Scholarship

Zhou always had a passion for reading and singing and also was fluent in three languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English from a young age. Plus, she pursued her education in the United States, attending Duke University as a recipient of the Robertson Scholarship.

Angela Zhou was the recipient of Robertson scholarship
Angela attended Duke University.

The scholarship was crucial for her because it helped her afford rent during the summer months when she wasn’t in school. Afterward, she graduated in 2014 with a Major in Program II, focusing on Politics, Economics, and Creative Media. This diverse educational background provided her with a unique set of skills and knowledge.

Zhou Has Been Active In The Acting Industry Since 2011

Angela discovered her passion for acting during high school. She participated in various types of performances, including musicals, improvisational shows, comedies, and classical dramas. Her interest extended to writing and directing, allowing her to explore different aspects of theater.

Furthermore, she developed a fascination for Shakespearean productions and trained with a Shakespeare Company, sharpening her skills in classical theater.

Angela Zhou played a gender-bending role on Hell On Wheels
Zhou has been interested in acting since her high school days.

Well, Angela landed a significant role in AMC’s Hell on Wheels in 2011, where she portrayed a gender-bending character. Her outstanding performance gained the attention of directors in the industry, opening doors to more opportunities.

Following that, the actress has appeared in several movies and TV series, including Death and Other Details, Promising Young Woman, and many more. Her diverse roles showcase her versatility as an actress.

Angela Zhou’s Net Worth And Earnings

Being part of the movie industry, people often earn substantial amounts of money. Considering her involvement in various movies and TV series since 2011, her estimated net worth could be around $300,000.

As per ZipRecruiter, an actress can earn $37K-$120K per year. Looking at her expertise, one can expect Angela to take home a similar amount or even more.

Zhou Opened Up About Her Health Condition Via Instagram

Angela underwent an emergency ovarian cystectomy, which resulted in scars on her belly. To conceal these scars, she often wore one-piece swimsuits. However, she eventually realized that feeling insecure about her  was unnecessary and shared this realization with her fans.


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Furthermore, she emphasized that scars are a symbol of survival and encouraged her followers, especially women, to prioritize their health. In addition, she recommended getting ultrasounds whenever experiencing stomach pain to raise awareness about the early detection and also prevention of health issues.