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Andrew Lincoln’s Daughter Matilda Clutterbuck Is All Grown Up

Matilda Clutterbuck is the first child of Andrew James Clutterbuck, better known by his stage name Andrew Lincoln. Andrew is recognized as one of the most skilled actors. However, he hasn’t let the fame get to his head and still cares for his family, especially his children.

The TV star is a great father figure. Here is all we know about his daughter and how she and her brother changed his life forever.

Matilda Clutterbuck Is Andrew Lincoln’s Oldest Child

Andrew’s baby girl, Matilda, was born in 2007. Her mother is Gael Anderson, who is the daughter of the lead singer of Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, and Shona Learyod, Ian’s second wife.

The beautiful teenager Matilda’s parents met while filming the British show Teachers. Her dad was an actor on the set, while her mom was the director’s assistant. The TV star fell head over heels and immediately asked her out on set. After dating for some time, the lovebirds exchanged vows on June 10, 2006.

Matilda Clutterbuck with her mother, Gael Anderson.
Matilda with her mother, Gael.

Matilda has one younger brother, Arthur Clutterbuck, born August 23, 2010. Matilda’s ethnicity is a hodgepodge of various races. She is part English and South African from her father’s side and part Irish-Scottish from her mother’s side.

Besides, given that she is 17 year old, Matilda is surely studying in junior year of her high school. 

Andrew’s Hollywood Antics Don’t Work At Home With His Children 

Andrew does not go by his real name in Hollywood because his manager thought it would make him seem like a hobbit. It might have been for the better as the actor has gone on to work in several hit shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Love Actually. 

The British actor had an American Southern accent while filming TWD and carried it on into real life, too. Although it might seem cool to most of his fans, it apparently did not bode well with his wife and children.

According to Andrew, his family thought it was unsettling to hear him talk like that. His kids are proper Brits and prefer him to speak normally. So, he ditches his Hollywood stage name and becomes Andrew Clutterbuck while being with his loved ones.

Having Kids Reminded Matilda’s Father Of His Parents’ Sacrifices

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Andrew mentioned that his kids had been teaching him about life. As such, he had a newfound respect for his parents, too. He went on to say:

I suddenly knew what unconditional love was and the responsibility of being a parent. Having children was a revelation – it’s like going through a doorway and everything is different for ever.

In addition, he was glad that his parents made similar sacrifices for his sake. Regarding Matilda’s paternal grandparents, Andrew mentioned that his mother was a South African psychiatrist nurse, and his father was a civil engineer.

Matilda Clutterbuck playing with Gael Anderson.
Matilda playing while her mother keeps watch.

When he was still young, they moved to Hull and ultimately lived out their lives in Bath, Somerset. His father was often away to provide for the family during his early years.  

Andrew Left His Marquee Role In The Walking Dead For Matilda And Her Brother

Major Spoilers Ahead!

Many may already know that Andrew played the protagonist in the zombie TV show The Walking Dead since the very first episode. His emotional performances won the hearts of audiences everywhere. So, fans were left wondering when his character died in the heart-wrenching bridge scene in season 9.

It was an upsetting moment, but for Andrew, it was an opportunity to be with his offspring as they grew older. The actor informed the press that his children were on his mind. He said they were getting to the age that they were not so portable.

He further explained that it was time for him to leave the role of the sheriff behind and instead fulfill his duties as a father.

Andrew Keeps Matilda Sheltered From The Celebrity Buzz

The beautiful Matilda is being raised away from the public limelight. Her parents do not have any social media accounts. In the coverage provided by Just Jared, she appeared playing with her parents and mother on the beach. But, the little one’s faces had been blurred out.

However, as time passed, pictures of Matilda surfaced through paparazzi leaks and fan pages. 

Andrew Lincoln's daughter, Matilda Clutterbuck.
Matilda surfing while Andrew looks on.

Andrew Is a Great Father To His Children

Well, the talented star is a great dad in every way. He sacrificed some of his peak years just for his children and probably doesn’t regret it. The funny thing is that his children weren’t so happy as they wanted him to go back to playing his role as a zombie hunter instead.

What’s more, thanks to his years of hard work, Andrew’s children can live a luxurious life. Their dad is worth $30 million, which he earned from his long and illustrious career.