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Andrea Skeete’s Joyful Marriage After George Foreman

Andrea Skeete is renowned for her marriage with George Foreman, former world heavyweight champion. Though their relationship did not last as long as she expected it to be, the three-year-long affair definitely earned her enough recognition.

But despite all the popularity she gained, she chose to stay away from the spotlight following the divorce. So, where is she now? Let’s explore her life in detail in this article.

Andrea Skeete Was 29 When She Married George Foreman

Skeete, born in 1953, was 29 years old when she married the former boxer Foreman in 1982, while George was 33. As of 2024, she is 71 years old.

The former couple tied the knot on 28 April 1982. However, their relationship began much before that, with their history going as far back as 1976 when she was his executive assistant and cook.

George Foreman At 19
Andrea’s Ex-husband George Foreman At 19

However, their relationship became complicated when Andrea became pregnant with his child. Married for about three years, their union ended on 4 February 1985. The cause of their divorce has not been revealed.

Andrea Filed  A Paternity Suit Against George

As mentioned in the boxer’s book, Andrea disappeared after breaking her pregnancy news to him. She emerged, filing a Paternity Lawsuit against him. Their first daughter, Freeda, was born out of this relationship.

Following the lawsuit, George raised Freeda and loved her dearly.

Andrea And George Have Two Children

During their marital life, the ex-couple became parents to two delightful children who have carved their own paths.

Freeda Foreman

The late Freeda was reportedly born on 16 October 1976, the same year the duo got into a romantic relationship. She was a professional boxer who in her short but accomplished career holds a staggering record of 5-1.

Active from 2000 to 2001, she retired despite her success in the sport. While the retirement stems from her choice to focus on her family, reports suggest she was paid by her father to stay out of the ring.

Andrea With Her Daughter Freeda Foreman
Skeete and Foreman’s late daughter, Freeda Foreman, was also a boxer.

Although the former boxer was able to keep his daughter away from the ring, he could not keep her away from boxing.

Following her retirement, Freeda worked as a boxing promoter and was the executive director of the George Foreman Youth and Community Center.

George Foreman III.

Andrea also had a son, George Foreman III., widely renowned as Monk, from her marriage with the boxer. Arriving in the world on 23 January 1983, he also followed in his father’s footsteps.

Learning the basics of boxing by watching his father from an early age, Foreman III began his career in 2009.

Andrea Skeete's Son George Foreman III
George Foreman III, a former boxer, is an entrepreneur.

During his short stint, ending in 2014, he holds an impressive 16-0 record, remaining undefeated. Out of his 16 wins, 15 were won by knockout.

Given his Monk-like nature, Andrea never believed her son would step into the ring.

Following his retirement, he established a boxing fitness gym in Boston called “The Club by George Foreman III,” later renamed “EverybodyFights.” However, he is no longer affiliated with the gym.

Skeete’s Daughter Freeda Committed Suicide

The ex-pair’s first daughter tragically took her own life in 2019 at the age of 42 at her Atascocita home in Houston, Texas. Following the unfortunate incident, Skeete, in an interview, talked briefly about her daughter and their relationship.

While her daughter was known for her short boxing stint, she mentioned boxing was only 1% of her life. Freeda’s mother stated that she was a sensitive child and recalled how Freeda had asked her about her life’s biggest joy just a couple of weeks before her death.

“She asked me a couple of weeks ago … ‘Mom, what was the biggest joy of your life?’ And I told her, ‘The day that you were put in my arms,’”

Describing her as a strong and smart woman, always striving to make a difference for others, she reminisced on their shared memories together.

Andrea Skeete Remarried After Her Divorce With George Foreman

Foreman revealed in his book, ‘By George,’ that Andrea married a man named Felix following their divorce and moved to South Carolina, where Felix was from. However, their union did not last long.

Andrea and Felix had a child. Nevertheless, following their divorce, Felix took the child

Some reports suggest that a decade after their divorce, Andrea exchanged rings with Anthony W Mapp in 1994. The wedding was held in Texas. Mapp, born in 1953, is as old as his wife. As he is not a renowned figure, the specifics of their marriage have remained shrouded.

The ex-wife of the former boxer stayed out of the spotlight after their divorce. She only appeared in the news following her daughter’s tragic passing in 2019.

Due to her limited online presence, her current whereabouts remain elusive. She resides somewhere in the United States, likely in Texas.

Andrea Ex-Hubby Foreman Is Married Five Times

While Andrea is content with her second marriage, her former boxer hubby has been in five different marital relationships. His first marriage was with Adrienne Calhoun, whom he was married to from 1971 to 1974.

This was followed by his relationship with Cynthia Lewis from 1977 to 1979. His third marriage was with Sharon Goodson, whom he walked down the aisle in 1981 but split a year later in 1982.

Following Split from his fourth wife Andrea, George has been with Mary Joan Martelly since 1985; they apparently are quite happy together.