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Is Alex Thomopoulos Still Dating Her Partner Nick Drake? Getting Married?

Alex Thomopoulos is widely recognized as the female host of the cooking show A Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking. She has been dating her boyfriend, Nick Drake, for quite a while now. Being from Greece, cooking was her first love. But she has finally found someone she adores more.

Keep reading to find out more about Alex and Nick’s endearing relationship.

Yes, Alex Thomopoulos And Nick Drake Are All Set To Get Married

Alex once professed that the things she loves in life are food, wine, and music. She can be forgiven for not considering love as she hadn’t met her prince charming yet. On April 7, 2023, the comedian announced through her Instagram post that she was engaged to Nick.

The beautiful lady got an enigmatic ring during their trip to the Playa Guiones beach in Costa Rica. As someone who often felt she wasn’t worthy of love, Alex was taken aback when Nick got down on a knee. In the end, she was glad that he professed and got to share the moment with her loved ones.

Alex Thomopoulos's engagement post
Alex announced her engagement to Nick on Instagram

It was her soon-to-be husband, Nick, who taught her what love is, and she dubbed him the “Brightest North Star.” 

The duo really did not plan on doing their full engagement photo shoot. They had a rather unique way of making memories. Alex just grabbed Nick for some snaps and took some quick photographs in between shoots: a lovely way to treasure moments with your adored ones.

The Lovebirds Have Been Together For Some Time Now

The lovely pair share their passion for traveling. Well, Alex and Nick have gone on multiple trips together, including Greece and Mexico, and also attended the 2023 Oscars together. The soon-to-be husband and wife also welcomed the New Year with their family.

Alex Thomopoulos and Nick Drake
Alex and Nick attended the 2023 Oscars

Nick is also not shy about showing his love for his partner. He has posted how lucky he is to be with her on multiple occasions. Alex’s boyfriend also matches her humor. While wishing Thanksgiving, he posted a workout video on Instagram with the hilarious caption: “I’m thankful you’re fit so I don’t have to.”

Alongside their clearly different career paths, the couple is going strong. 

Who Is Alex Thomopoulos’ To-Be-Husband?

Alex’s future spouse is no ordinary person. He has been the Vice President of global marketing at Google since November 2019. He is responsible for the company’s international marketing campaigns and leads the promotion of their product in foreign countries too.

Alex Thomopoulos's boyfriend, Nick Drake
Nick Drake is Google’s VP of Global Marketing

The VP has also been a board member of the sports performance analysis software company Hudl since February 2019. In addition, he has also been a part of the venture capital company in Beverly Hills, Group 11, since May 2015.

Talking about his education, Drake attended Harvard Business School for a

Nick Has Also Worked For Adidas And T-Mobile

Google is not the only top company Nick is associated with. Previously, he was the head of global sports marketing-pro sports at Adidas from December 2005 to 2009. During his tenure, Adidas won the promo grand prix for “Bonded by Blood.” He was also the company’s global brand marketing manager from August 2003 to December 2005, for which it was honored with Cannes 2006 Advertiser of the Year.

In addition, the former CMO also worked for TMobile. He fulfilled a slew of roles for them; initially, he was the Senior Vice-President from June 2015 to July 2017. Then, he returned to his expertise and had a stint as the Executive Vice President of marketing and experience from July 2017 to June 2019. He was also chief innovator for a couple of months till November 2019.

Besides these companies, here are some of the organizations Nick has been a part of formerly:

Role  Company  Duration
Advisor Simon Data Oct 2019 – Apr 2022
Global Chief Marketing Officer Quicksilver Jun 2013 – Sep 2014
Managing Director TBWA\Chiat\LA Aug 2009 – Jun 2013
Guest Speaker OECD – OCDE 2013, less than a year

His salary is nothing to scoff at. The estimated salary for the VP of global marketing at Google ranges from $513K to $874K a year. Given his expertise and all the reputed companies he has worked for, Nick Drake has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 

Nick’s Contributions Toward His Companies

Alex’s significant other was quite a miracle worker and helped improve companies wherever he went. At T-Mobile, he joined at a time when the company was losing millions of users a year. He was part of a senior leadership team that managed to grow users from 33 million to 120 million in a few years.

During his time at Quicksilver, he had the tough task of making customers he had never met before redundant. The company was going through bankruptcy at the time. The survival of the company depended on him and he delivered.

His current challenge is at Google, which he joined months before the pandemic. It is safe to say he is doing a great job there as well.

Nick’s Journey From Rugby To Marketing

During the 90s, the experienced marketing professional was a rugby player. In 1998, he was an aspiring athlete hoping to make it big as a player in the London Irish Rugby Football Club. However, fate intervened, and injuries stopped him from pursuing the path.

Nonetheless, his time at the club and interaction with his coach improved his life. His coach, Dr Brendan Venter, was a GP and former World Cup winner with South Africa. He taught him the importance of radical inclusion and how to turn adversity into opportunity.

Alex Thomopoulos' soon to be husband, Nick Drake
Nick was a professional Rugby player.

Nick temporarily paralyzed his arm and felt he couldn’t do anything. But, being an eternal optimist, he wanted to do something related to sports even if he couldn’t play it. So, he got an internship at a media agency, where he worked on sports sponsorships and learned about analytics.

As his arm started healing, he got to play for the team. Despite that, whenever he would get free time in the afternoon, he would learn about media buying and planning from Nigel Morris at Dentsu. Morris allowed him to come to the agency and work on the Adidas account for three hours.

Adidas was also a sponsor of London Irish at the time, and they really liked his work. So, they invited him to work with the marketing team in Amsterdam. Nick was grateful for all the times he got to see legends like Muhammad Ali and Dick Fosbury during his time at the company.

Proud Father Of Two Children

Alongside a blossoming love life, Nick has a daughter and son from his previous relationship. Despite his busy job, he always makes time for his little ones and hangs out with them often. He has posted about them on his social media account.

From the looks of it, Nick’s son loves snowboarding as much as him. He even admitted that his little boy was already a better boarder than him. Nick’s kids are also close with his girlfriend, Alex. They even shared a heartfelt hug with her when the pair got engaged.

Alex Thomopoulos hugged Nick's Children after their engagement
Alex hugged Nick’s Children after the engagement.

Here is a dirty little secret. Well, Nick has no sense of smell, and Alex has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, an intestinal disorder. For a while, she won the lottery. But, on a trip to Mexico, her beau’s kids found out and were teasing the TV host for the smell.

The youngsters hilariously tormented her with funny quips like “Ew. What’s that smell? It looks like someone died in here.”