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What Happened To Adrienne Calhoun, George Foreman’s First Wife?

Alongside being known as a top-notch boxer, George Foreman is also popular for his extravagant love life. It may come off as a surprise to many, but the 74-year-old has had four failed marriages. Among them, he was married to Adrienne Calhoun in the beginning. But sadly, Foreman’s first wife is no longer with us.

Adrienne Calhoun Passed Away in 2019

Everyone knows death is inevitable. Unfortunately, Calhoun, aka, Adrienne Raye Foreman-Jones, died on December 9, 2019, of natural causes. Well, it was just three days before her 73rd birthday.

She is survived by her husband Beniver Jones, her partner for over twenty years, Brian Herron, her cousin, Delroy Calhoun, her elder brother, and daughter Michi, whom she shared with the former professional boxer.

The late Calhoun’s final event was held at Zion Baptist Church, her family church on December 21 of the same year at 621 Elwood Ave N Minneapolis. When alive, she shared a loving bond with many.

Calhoun’s Close Ones Still Have A Place For Her In Their Heart

Calhoun’s death hit her loving daughter hard. In a deeply felt comment, Michi wrote,

“i miss you so much i left my heart with you on your journey, I try to cling to life finding meaning but how can you do that without the one person the only one person who ever loved you (sic).”

Furthermore, Michi also sang Beyonce’s Otherside as a tribute to her late mother and uploaded it on YouTube.

Among the many who were left heartbroken after the loss of Calhoun was a journalist named C.J. The X Star Tribune columnist took onto X, formerly Twitter, to express her heartfelt condolence. She wrote,

“Rest Well, Adrienne Foreman. I am nothing but grateful about the fun, honest, affectionate relationship we shared whether or not there was a camera present (sic).”

She further stated that Calhoun was a heavyweight of the heart in her own division.

The reason behind the duo’s closeness was Calhoun was C.J.’s fan and she made sure the video producer met her former husband Geroge Foreman. Plus, after their meeting, Foreman always requested C.J.’s presence at family gatherings whenever he came to Minneapolis.

Even if it has been almost four years since Calhoun’s departure, C.J. still misses her. When she watched Will Smith’s Ali in 2021, she could not stop thinking that Adrienne Foreman-Jones was not here. When she tweeted about it, Foreman retweeted the tweet thanking her for mentioning his former partner and stating she was still with Michi and him.

On top of that, C.J. once asked the former world heavyweight champion who would play the role of his first spouse if he was getting a biopic.

How It All Began For Calhoun And Ex-Husband George Foreman?

The former couple met on a blind date back on August 29, 1970, even though she had a boyfriend of her own, thanks to a friend of Calhoun’s. The matchmaker said that Foreman was in town, and they wanted someone to go out with him.

Calhoun was onboard as the guy she was dating at that time was a nobody. As many may already know what happened next, the ex-pair hit it off. After being in a relationship for 18 months, they walked down the aisle in December 1971.

Adrienne Calhoun's Husband George Is A Former Boxer
Adrienne Calhoun’s Husband George Is A Former Boxer

Alas, the then-lovebirds’ marriage was short-lived, and they parted ways in February 1974. There were reports of infidelity, as Foreman had an alleged affair with Pamela Clay, his eldest son’s George Foreman Jr. mother, and that was a reason behind their divorce.

In addition, as per Calhoun, when Foreman became a heavyweight champion, he wanted to be free and did not want to be married and also did not want a contract for anyone or them to have one on him.

Proposal For Second Marriage

Initially, Calhoun was heartbroken for she thought she was going to be married forever however, she later forgave her ex-husband. Surprisingly, three years later, George once again asked her to marry him to which she replied, “Are you kidding?” because she knew he would divorce her again.

Foreman even shared the details with one of his friends after she turned down his proposal.

Shared A Daughter

As stated above, the divorced pair shared a daughter named MichiEven after going separate ways, Calhoun and Foreman were still friends. The ex-couple were in touch, and she would at times call him if she had any problems with their daughter. All in all, though their marriage did not go as planned, things eventually turned out well for Adrienne.

As we said earlier, she married her second husband Beniver Jones, and spent the rest of her life with him.

Adrienne Calhoun’s Daughter Is A Singer

Her daughter Michi is a singer and performer. She was born in January 1983, in Houston, Texas. As an artist, she has also been part of the TV movie Relatively Speaking: George Foreman which is based on the life of her father.

Along with her interest in performing arts, she is also an activist and advocates for education for all.

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