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Aaron Smith Levin’s Wife & Love Life: Full Bio

Aaron Smith Levin is an ex-Scientologist member who has gained notoriety for his actions against the religion. He was a long-time member along with his parents before leaving the religion to start a family with his wife.

Aaron is quite a controversial figure in the media. He has posted many videos recalling his time as a Scientologist on his YouTube page “Growing Up With Scientology.” Keep reading to find out the events that happened in his life and also his personal life.

Aaron Smith Levin Is Married To Heather Smith Levin

The former Scientologist faced lots of trouble throughout his life, and his wife, Heather Smith Levin, was beside his side. The two met while Aaron was at the Sea Organization in Clearwater, Florida. Heather’s family was also from that region and were dedicated Scientologists.

Aaron Smith Levin with his wife, Heather Smith Levin and children.
Aaron’s wife, Heather, and his children.

The couple had a child together, which was against the Church’s rules. The Sea Org pressured young women to have abortions to make them work long hours. But since the pair wanted their child, they left the organization in 2007 when Aaron was 26.

However, they were still church members and still lived in Clearwater.

What Is Heather Involved In?

Aaron’s wife, Heather, is very talented in her own right. The girl who couldn’t paint to save her life in 2015 has improved her skills to the point where she teaches others to do it. She is a self-employed educator and has melded her love for teaching with art.

The educator teaches classes at school co-ops and local establishments; the subjects include PE, arts and crafts, and music. In addition, she has established a party entertainment service named Heather’s Traveling Canvas. It specializes in public painting workshops and private painting parties.

Before her status as an educator in September 2019, she was a part of the following companies:

Role Company Duration
Local site director – Dunedin Food Rescue US Jul 2018 – Nov 2022
PTA board member or committee member PTA for local school Aug 2015 – Jun 2018
Marketing Director Suncoast Rehabilitation center Jul 2011 – Aug 2015
Diversity PGM Account Executive Good One Jul 2008 – Jul 2010

She currently resides At 1615 Harvard St Clearwater in Pinellas county.

The Husband And Wife Are Parents Of Three Beautiful Daughters

Through their marriage, the pair have been blessed with three beautiful daughters; two of them are named Brisbane and Brighton. The family is tight-knit and spends a lot of time with each other. Aaron has multiple posts on Instagram playing with the kids. The family also owns a dog named Goliath.


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Aaron Also Had A Falling Of With His Wife’s Family

After their first baby, the lovebirds stayed at Heather’s family’s house. Things were bad between Aaron and his wife’s family. Heather’s mother, Anne Tozser, and sister, Katarina, claimed that Aaron verbally abused his father-in-law, Imre Tozser, on multiple occasions.

According to them, he was harsh towards his children; they recounted him spanking his daughters as punishment. Katarina complained that he was unemployed and spent his time playing the Xbox. She also mentioned that when she stood up for her father, Aaron would shout at her too.

The mother-daughter duo blamed him for cutting ties and being unable to see Heather’s beautiful daughters.

Aaron Has Been Accused Of Having Affair

In 2020, a woman on Twitter (currently X), named Elle Vee, posted a series of posts tagging the Church of Scientology along with Smith’s account. The tweets contained intimate selfies of the woman with Smith. Her final post contained a message that said, “Aaron Smith-Levin has affairs outside of his marriage.”

The authenticity of the tweets couldn’t be determined as the account, and the tweets disappeared completely. A Reddit thread in 2023 also confirmed that Aaron had separated from his wife following all the controversies that surrounded him. However, neither Aaron nor his wife has come forward to clear the clouds surrounding the married duo’s relationship.

Aaron Smith Levin Was Raised By A Single Mother

Aaron was born on September 29, 1980, to his father, David Levin, and his mother, Gayle Smith. He also had a twin brother, Collin Smith. His parents divorced when the twins were five years old in 1985, and David remarried to a woman named Margret Lenarz.

Aaron Smith Levin's mother, Gayle Smith.
Aaron’s mother, Gayle, was into Scientology.

After that, Gayle took care of her kids and was a part of the Philly org staff, a Scientology-based organization in Philadelphia. There was a nursery, and they also had a nanny. As time passed, she became a target for disciplinary actions of the church.

In 2009, she committed a taboo. The mother read her first entheta (negative comments regarding Scientology), and her perception of the religion and its people changed completely. However, it was already late, and she regretted not realizing it sooner.

Lost His Twin Brother In 2003

As mentioned, Aaron had an identical twin named Collin. Both of the brothers were a part of Scientology from an early age. But, when they were 15 years old, the training program taught at their church changed dramatically.

Aaron Smith Levin and his twin brother, Collin Smith Levin.
Aaron and his twin, Collin.

Collin, who was good at the prior training, couldn’t keep up and failed. The young twin got into trouble for minor inconveniences and left the church to move to Philadelphia. He lived with Gayle’s friend.

After relocating to Montana for a while, he settled in California with Aaron in 1998. He got into drinking and drugs and became an addict after his brother moved back to Philly. Around 2000-2001, he went to New Mexico to live with his father and stepmother. He went to school and was doing well.

But, the boy began writing papers opposing Scientology and its Disconnection Policy for tearing families apart.

The Separation

The staff from the Philly Org, where his mother worked, found out. They declared him a “Suppressive Person,” i.e., those who oppose the church’s ideals. The Church gave his mother a choice: her son or the religion. Well, she chose the latter. Gayle feared for her ex-husband, Aaron, and herself, who were involved in Scientology.

On April 17, 2003, Collin got into a car accident in Albuquerque and lost his life at the age of 22. The driver was drunk, as well as the passengers. His memorial was held on April 22 that same year at the home of Rufus Cohen and Suzanne Sbarge.

All of the family members attended the funeral. His mother, who had cut him off, and his brother were also present.

Controversies Surrounding Aaron Smith Levin And His Life

In July 2023, a former member of Aftermath, Tony D., filed a petition against Aaron to remove him from the foundation. Aaron co-founded the organization and served as its vice president since December 2017, which helps members leave Scientology and supports them.

The petition cited him doxing individuals who had sought help and put their lives at risk, physical abuse against a woman, and run-ins with the police. With these charges in mind, the board members removed Aaron.

Furthermore, an online site claims that the Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath show, in which Aaron also appeared, was a total fraud. The information states that the anger-filled Aaron didn’t leave the church but was ousted due to repeated reports of harassment and bullying.

On 20 January 2024, the host was livestreaming when he came across a man with a cane and his dog. He pointed out to the viewers that the man was Scientology’s enforcer. The man proceeded to assault him with his cane. The police arrived after 2 hours but arrested Aaron too.

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Aaron Smith Levin’s Net Worth And Earnings From His Career

As a member of the Sea Org, Aaron must have earned a considerable sum, considering a top earner can take home  $6,333 per month.

With that said, Aaron’s current earnings come mainly from his YouTube channel, where he posts livestreams and videos. The entire channel has a view count of 84,397,811 and 236k subscribers. As per Social Blade, the channel has estimated monthly earnings ranging from $1.2K to $18.5K and estimated yearly earnings ranging from $13.9K to $222.3K.

Taking this into account, he has an estimated net worth of $500,000.